U.S. Presidents List

Best US Presidents List

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Introduction - Best U.S. Presidents

Forty four men have served as President of the United States of America. All have faced incredible challenges, pressure, and expectations but only a few have performed well enough to be included on the Best US Presidents List. Throughout the history of the United States the American people have looked to the president for leadership and direction; where some have failed miserably others have met the challenge and proved themselves worthy of being included on the top ten list below. Where some of the presidents on this list were obvious choices the rest were not as easy to choose. Remember when reading this list that how we selected these men was a matter of opinion and we understand some very good presidents were excluded.

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On this page you will also find links too many of the listed presidents. These pages will contain interesting information and facts written for kids and adults alike.

The below list is in dates served as President order. Although we are not ranking the top 10 we do believe Abraham Lincoln, George Wahington, and Franklin Roosevelt would be the top 3.

Best U.S. Presidents - Top 10 List

How a US President makes Our Best List

What lands a president on the Best list? In this section we try to give some insight into the factors we looked at when considering who to include. First; there have been a few presidents that persevered in the face of incredible challenges, challenges that even threatened the existence of the United States. For example the American Civil War began one month after Abraham Lincoln became president. Largely due to his leadership the southern states were not allowed to secede from the union and the country stayed whole. Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson's leadership helped the country survive World wars. George Washington, beyond being the great general that helped America win its independence, led a young weak country, as president, through its early years.

Several of the men on this list are there mostly for making great presidential decisions. Harry S. Truman had to make many important decisions during the early days of the cold war; perhaps the most important being to supply West Berlin via the Berlin Airlift and therefore diverting a possible military confrontation with the Soviet Union who had blocked West Berlin off. Thomas Jefferson made a crucial decision to move forward with the Louisiana Purchase which nearly doubled the size of the US. A founding father and strong believer in upholding the laws of the U.S. Constitution he moved forward with the purchase although it was deemed by many un-constitutional.