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Worst US Presidents List

President Nixon's farewell speech to White House staff.
Nixon's farewell speech

Introduction - Worst US Presidents

As of 2014, the United States of America has elected 38 presidents and there are an additional 5 who have served as president but were not elected. As history shows, not all presidents have lived up to their expectations. This section focuses on presidents who have gone down in history as some of the worst US presidents ever. What makes a poor president? One factor is when a president fails to effectively handle new challenges or a crisis during his presidency. Also, what makes a president successful or not largely depends on popularity. Take a look at the facts and information listed below on the top 5 worst US Presidents and see why they made it to the list. You will also find links to the listed presidents, an interesting read for kids and adults alike.

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The below list is in dates served as President order. Although we are only ranking the 5 worst presidents, you will find other presidents such as Calvin Coolidge, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin Pierce appearing on many worst president lists.

Worst US Presidents - Top 5 List

US Presidents Making Our Worst List